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1. Visit Backwell Environmental Trust (BET) woodland reserves or volunteer to help in their maintenance -who needs to pay for a gym with this free fresh air and exercise?

2. Take your blood pressure using the machine in the GP surgery. There are weighing scales as well. Be prepared to cope with the results.

3. Join St Andrew’s Choir (Choir practice is Friday evening)

4. See some the oldest houses in the village by walking from St Andrew’s Church to Sore’s Court. Admire the newly renovated thatched cottage still marked on ordinance survey maps as a pub (there is dispute that it ever was a public house).

5. Walk the path around Backwell Lake and take photos of the wildlife for….

6. … your entry to the Village Show in September. This only happens once a year, but you can spend the whole year getting ready for it, by taking photographs and practicing making a Victoria sponge.

7. Use the Wi-Fi at The Meeting Point in the Parish Hall every Tuesday. There is computer available, with help if needed. Use the computer to look up more information about the other activities on this leaflet.

8. Join in Backwell’s Best Kept Garden Competition.

9. Cycle from Backwell to Long Ashton along the Sustrans cycle route, the traffic free section starts at the bottom of Chapel Lane

10. Visit St Andrew’s Church and see the 18th Century Chandelier and 15th Century Rood Screen

11. Call in at Claire Hall’s studio to see her making glass art – the best time is Wednesday mornings, you can ring to check (07796 794168)

12. Take your children or grandchildren to play on the equipment in one of the 3 parks

13. Take yourself  to use the keep fit, grown up play equipment in West Town Park.

14. Go bird spotting on the footpath next to the railway line or up Backwell Hill at the view point by the old quarry.

15. Gather at the Cross Roads every Friday night during the summer for the Organised Village Walk, starting at 7.15 pm.

16. Enjoy Messy Church for mothers and small children at the Methodist Church.

17. Visit the mobile library in the Leisure Centre car park on Monday afternoons

18. Walk up Piggy Lane to the Jubilee Stone for great views of Backwell and beyond- this is one of 7 walks published in “The Green Leaflet” by the Parish Council and available from the council offices

19. Half term mother and toddler group at      St Andrew’s Church

20. Ask Phil in the Post Office (anything).

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