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The school summer holidays may for many families look very much like the last few months of lock-down, so we would love to offer at least a few distractions during August. We’re sure they will be enjoyable, even though they won’t be as energetic as in the past, and they are still FREE. The programme is:

 4th Clay workshop  10.00am – 12.00noon

 11th Ukulele workshop 10.30am – 11.30am

 18th  Clay again – slightly more challenging                                10.00am – 12.00noon

 25th  Ukulele workshop 10.30am – 11.30am

The clay workshops will be at 10 tables of family groups or bubbles, with a total of 30 people per session.

Ukulele workshops will be 20 stations, with 5 – 7-year olds in the care of an adult and older primary children as singles.

Sorry here are all the miserable rules we have to impose…….

The workshops are for 5+years only. There will be no provision for pre-school children. The majority of children are expected to be accompanied by a responsible adult. The Meeting Point will consider allowing children 7+ years to take part in the workshop by themselves, without their own responsible adult, on the understanding that their parents will be called if they are unable to maintain appropriate social distancing.

Session are free but have to be booked in advanced by contacting The Meeting Point (backwell.life@gmail.com or call/text on 07851 438530)  supplying name and contact details of a responsible adult.

Obviously, if you feel unwell on the day, please do not come.

Children and accompanying adults will be asked to bring their own refreshments.

Entrance will be through the main double doors (the exit is through the single door). You will be expected to use the hand sanitiser on your way in and we will take your temperature using a temperature gun.

Doors and windows in the hall will be opened to improve ventilation.

Our volunteers will wear visors. As we will be maintaining 2m social distancing, we will not insist on masks, but you are very welcome to use one if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Only 1 family group at a time will be able to use the toilets. Surfaces will be wiped down once the toilets are vacated.