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The Meeting Point is a community initiative, started by a group of Christians in Backwell. In part it responds to what people have said in surveys that they want; in part it’s a response to a perceived need. It’s open in Backwell Parish Hall every Tuesday from 9.30am to 4.30pm, offering a wide range of information and contacts and a variety of activities.

The objective is to provide a community hub, where people of all ages can meet to socialise (with tea, coffee and cake), access a range of services and support and where small groups can gather. On hand there’s internet access for those wishing to use it or to be helped to use it, and vouchers for the Clevedon Foodbank and its distribution centre in Nailsea. Each month there is a drop-in light lunch, of soup, cheese and fruit, on the first Tuesday. Later in the month, on the third Tuesday, there is a home cooked 2 course meal that you need to book in advance. Children are welcome at any time and can eat for free at either of the lunch sessions. Other activities are  advertised in The Village Magazine, other papers and at the Post Office. While suggestions for new activities are sought and would be welcomed.

The centre is organised by Backwell Life, a local registered charity which invites support from new members (£5.00 annual membership). Already there are nearly 50 members, and we would like to have a wide range of people involved to be sure the objective of providing service to the whole community is being met. The charity is open to everyone and will offer hospitality, encouragement and support to all, with a Christian ethos. Interested in volunteering as part of the team? Have an idea for a small group? We would love to hear from you.

Please contact us by e-mail at Backwell.life@gmail.com or call Martin on 01275 790309. Do drop in one Tuesday – and stay a while.

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